Artist Connie Toschlog

Connie Toschlog lives with her family in an old farmhouse filled with antiques and art projects in various states of completion. She has always been involved in one way or the other with art and antiques. Dealing in antiques has given her a great appreciation of folk artists and their work. Her most current involvement is working with papier mache. She hand sculpts her pieces (usually from sketches she has drawn) using recycled materials she can find as the base on which she shapes and refines the papier mache. It is a time consuming process that requires patience which she admits she doesn't always have. "Painting the pieces is the most fun for me. However the drying time for the papier mache is slow. You must be sure the piece is completely dry before putting paint to it," she explains. Her pieces lean toward the quirky, humorous side. She has sculpted Santas, snowmen, angels, rabbits, and other wildlife, but her favorites are her Halloween pieces. "I have always loved Halloween," she says. "It's fun to be a little scared." Her Halloween creations are scary, but with a genuine folk art spirit. Connie also likes to draw and paint and hopes to find the time to add original drawings to her repertoire. Balancing family, art, and antiques is a challenge, but it's rarely boring!

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